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Card Game Blackjack


In 2003 Ken Uston was honored to become one of 7 initial nominees of The Blackjack Hall of Fame for his input in the development of this popular card game. Being the author of many blackjack books and the player who considered blackjack to be not only his job but the whole life, Ken Uston was able to impact the game itself: he managed his blackjack team using a strategy of team play for winning; thanks to this person, players have a right to use card counting today without a fear to be caught for blackjack cheating.

Ken Uston started his career at blackjack being a member of one blackjack team managed by one more significant blackjack figure – Al Francesco. Mr. Uston had been playing blackjack with this team for 3 years and won much money for it. But soon he decided that it was not enough for him and formed his own blackjack team in 1976; moreover, he wrote his first book at that time which had changed his relations with Al Francesco forever.

The Big Player was published in 1977; Ken Uston told there everything connected with his work in Al Francesco’s team, including schemes and secrets of blackjack team play. This book became fatal for Al Francesco and his team because they were banned from casinos forever.

After this case Ken Uston continued writing books on the topic of blackjack and devoted all his time to this card game. He played in different casinos and won big sums of money though casinos did not stay indifferent to such easy winnings of course: Ken Uston was often banned from different casinos though, anyway, found a way how to continue playing blackjack. He is known also as a master of disguise because he often wore costumes to change appearance and not to be recognized by pit bosses.

Ken Uston is also known as a person who won the case against Atlantic City casinos: he proved the fact blackjack players had a right to use the method of card counting for playing blackjack, and this method should not be considered as blackjack cheating.

Mr. Uston devoted all his life to the game of blackjack and died in the age of 52 because of heart attack in 1987: he had been found dead in his apartment in Paris. So, it is clear that Ken Uston had become a nominee of The Blackjack Hall of Fame posthumously, and was called to be one of 7 blackjack idols – the main figures in the history of blackjack card game. Moreover, the film had been created about the personality of Ken Uston, and it was called to be The Blackjack Man (2005).